Stratagem International’s unique offering is based on experience and understanding – those who have lived, worked, and succeeded in highly volatile, insecure, complex, and divided political environments can best assist clients in understanding and navigating these particular environments. We have conducted field research, assisted movements in their shift from violent to political means of influence, brought conflicting parties together in a safe environment, and helped actors engage, develop their profile and advance their interests in the foreign affairs / development arena.

What we do

Providing independent advice, research, analysis, facilitation, campaigning and expertise gained on the ground, we offer sound evidence-based approaches, integrity, and a deep understanding of the particular dynamics and challenges facing actors in complex political environments. Our values are rooted in the promotion of participative, democratic models and theories of change.

How we help

With a network of reliable contacts across the globe, we can source accurate information, analysis and expertise directly from the field. Combined with political analysis and a deep appreciation of how organisations benefit from, (or are damaged by ineffective) strategic positioning, we provide tangible and practical communications recommendations and strategies, helping you understand the challenges, harness your resources and advance your interests.

Stratagem International is a sister company of Stratagem NI. Providing services for organisations with international interests, Stratagem International focuses on and operates in political environments outside the UK & Ireland, specialising in those which are seen as particularly complex.